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The Reason Why Original ‘The Crow’ Director Doesn’t Want Franchise Rebooted

There are a lot of different franchises that start out great, but then tumble-down a dark hole of bad sequels and reboots. One franchise has been in the reboot talk for years now, Alex Proyas’ The Crow. The film hit in 1994, and was an instant hit for the director, and showed the true acting talent of Brandon Lee, the son of Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee. Although reboots can refresh a franchise, Proyas has a heartfelt reason as to why The Crow should just be left alone.

The Crow, Crowvision Inc.
Image: Crowvision Inc.

The remake is not a good idea, I give Proyas that. But after you read why he thinks the franchise should not be rebooted, you will side with the director. Proyas hasn’t said much about the reboot, as the few announcements of its existence haven’t seemed promising, recent news has prompted him to speak up. Aquaman’s Jason Momoa has joined the project in the latest attempt to revive the franchise. Proyas took to Facebook to plea to everyone to leave The Crow alone.

The plea is heartfelt, emotional, and shows you the true passion that Brandon Lee brought to the set every day. Proyas’ plea stems from allowing The Crow to always stay with Lee. He was tragically shot on the set of the film, in the last few days of filming. Lee was shot by a prop gun that misfired, mortally wounding the rising star.

The Crow is a beautiful film, that serves as a tribute to Lee and his memory. Proyas feels that by rebooting the franchise, Hollywood will essentially erase Lee’s final performance. Proyas had no issue with a television series and sequels, as they would keep Lee’s initial film intact. Rebooting the franchise will overwrite Lee’s final film, deleting his legacy.

The Crow, Crowvision Inc.
Image: Crowvision Inc.

The Crow is still a ways off from being made. Momoa is only the most recent actor attached to star in the film.  The Crow is definitely a franchise that I would not like seeing rebooted.

How do you feel about The Crow being rebooted? Do you agree with Alex Proyas? Let us know in the comments below!

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