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Could AMC Charge More for Better Seats in the Theater?

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Getting the perfect seats when watching your favorite film is a must for diehard movie fans. I, personally, need to sit near the middle halfway up in the theater. No front row seats, and I prefer not to sit in the back. I also am not a fan of sitting on the edge. Would you be willing to pay more to have better seats in the theater? Theaters are already doing reserved seating, and different gimmicks to bring a more-immersive experience for movie-goers. Would you pay more than your friend to get the best seat in the house? This is the very question AMC is asking in a recent survey they sent out.

Two sources indicated that the AMC cinema chain is exploring the idea of charging different prices for better seats in the same theater. A source for Slashfilm and on Twitter indicate that this is what AMC is asking members of the AMC Stubs rewards program in a recent survey sent out to members. The questions ask where the members prefer to sit in the theater, and would they be willing to pay more or less for more desirable and less desirable seats.

It is a move that could drastically change the movie-going experience. With theaters taking large financial hits as 3D screenings begin to dip, and with the recent trend in comfort seating remodels, theaters are looking for ways to recoup their losses.

AMC made headlines earlier this year for their stance against the subscription film ticketing service MoviePass. Although a survey question is a far reach from an announcement, it may give you an idea of what the cinema chain is considering for their next move.

Movie TheaterWould you pay a higher price for better seats in the theater? Let us know in the comments section below!

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