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New ‘Annihilation’ Featurette Breaks Down the Shimmer

Annihilation, Paramount Pictures

The trailers for Alex Garland’s (Ex MachinaAnnihilation have been mysterious. The plot mostly remains a secret, and the only thing the trailers are describing is “The Shimmer”. What is it, why are people who enter it disappearing, and what is truly happening in this forbidden zone? A new featurette for the film sheds a bit more light on what “The Shimmer” is, and what it’s doing to Earth.

Annihilation, Paramount Pictures
Image: Paramount Pictures

Check out the Annihilation featurette below:

The Annihilation featurette spills the beans on what is happening to the Earth from inside of “The Shimmer”. This seems to be the focus point of this movie. In the trailer, Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, and a few others head into “The Shimmer” to get answers. Those answers may be a lot stranger than any of them had hoped.

“The Shimmer” is an interesting occurrence that is remarkably unknown. The featurette shows us that in “The Shimmer” something is causing everything inside of it to mutant in strange new ways. In many ways, it is making our world the alien planet, rather than the film taking us to one. “The Shimmer” doesn’t cover the entire planet, but it is growing fast. To make things worse, they don’t know how to stop it.

Annihilation, Paramount Pictures
Image: Paramount Pictures

In any way, Annihilation will be a film unlike anything you have seen before. Alex Garland is an impressive storyteller, and if this film is anything like Ex Machina, movie-goers will not be disappointed. Garland wrote and directed this film.

Annihilation hits theaters on February 23.


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