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J.J. Abrams Attempts to Explain ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’

The Cloverfield Paradox, Netflix

If you were a bit confused after watching The Cloverfield Paradox, then you were not alone. The movie had a messy narrative that bordered confusing at times. If you look at the entire trilogy though, you will notice that big twists and misdirects are the forté of this franchise. In

Joss Whedon Departs Warner Brothers ‘Batgirl’ Movie

Batgirl, DC Comics

Director Joss Whedon has departed the DC Batgirl movie. Whedon was set to write and direct the film for Warner Brothers. The director signed onto the project before it came to light that he would help Zack Snyder out with Justice League, after the director had to leave in the wake of his

A Big ‘Doctor Who’ Overhaul Is in the Works at the BBC

Doctor Who, BBC One

The Doctor regenerating into a woman wasn't enough for the BBC. It appears like Doctor Who will get a full overhaul before we see any new episodes featuring Jodie Whittaker (Attack the Block). The show also has a new frontrunner, Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) and new writers aiming for a September season launch. Last

First Look at Syfy Channel’s ‘Krypton’ Villain Brainiac and His Epic Ship

Krypton, Syfy Channel

Today comes the first reveal of Krypton's villain, Braniac. Braniac is one of Superman's top villains, but this version looks closer than anything adapted from the comics before. The villain looks menacing and intimidating. It is a show with an interesting premise: How do you tell a compelling story that everyone

Netflix Releases First Look at New ‘Lost in Space’ Series

Lost in Space, Netflix

Netflix dropped a bombshell today. The announcement trailer and first photos dropped for Lost in Space, Netflix's reboot of the classic 1960s television series. The first 10-episode season will drop on the streaming service on April 13. Lost in Space is the inspiration for a lot present day science fiction films and

Christopher Nolan Confirms He Will Not Direct ‘Bond 25’

Spectre, MGM Studios

James Bond films are big business, even after the lackluster Spectre left us unfulfilled. Does this mean that Bond needs a big shake-up? Recent rumors hinted at a possibility that Christopher Nolan could direct Bond 25. The possibilities in everyone's minds began running wild. Sadly enough, Nolan confirms that he will not

Dolph Lundgren Confirms Big Change to ‘Aquaman’ Film From Comics

Aquaman, Warner Bros.

Although any word about the upcoming DC movie Aquaman has been lost in the eclipse of a dismal Justice League, a few new morsels are beginning to make it to the light. Jason Momoa's Aquaman is more of a smart-ass in JL, and it will be nice to see him when he gets his own film.

Maisie Williams Talks Setbacks With ‘The New Mutants’

The New Mutants, Twentieth Century Fox

The New Mutants will be (correction) was going to be the first X-Men spin-off film (in what will be three), until it was setback almost a year. Originally planned to hit theaters this April, The New Mutants will now hit theaters in February 2019. This is a big shame, because the first

The One Question ‘Black Panther’ Answers That Sheds Light on ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Black Panther, Marvel Studios

Black Panther is great, but did you really expect anything less from this film? It is hard ignore the social and cultural implications of Black Panther, but beyond all of that, it is easily one of the best Marvel films to date. There is so many things that the film got right.