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First Trailer for Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ Remarkably Void of Venom Suit

Venom, Sony Pictures

In the wake of yesterday’s poster release, the first trailer for Tom Hardy’s Venom has gone online. The  Sony Pictures film adapts the popular Marvel comics character of the same name. Although this is just a teaser, it is remarkable that Sony Pictures is keeping the look of Venom up wraps. That’s right, the trailer doesn’t show Hardy in the suit at all.

Check out the first trailer for Tom Hardy’s Venom below:

Sony Pictures is determined to distance this property from Spider-Man in every way possible, although anyone knowing the comic roots of the character knows this is a daunting task.

Every aspect of this symbiotic alien is intertwined into the Spider-Man’s story. From what drives the anti-hero to his hate for Spidey himself after Peter Parker rejects the alien, there really is no way to tell a Venom origin story without Spider-Man. One way the studio is attempting this feat is setting the film in San Francisco.

How much of the characters comic origin will make it to the film is yet to be determined. A full length trailer is expected to drop soon. The trailer is very light on plot details, but does give viewers a healthy does of Hardy as the moody Eddie Brock. The trailer has a few brief glimpses of the symbiote, but nothing of Eddie Brock as the Anti-hero. This trailer shows us that the film will focus on Brock’s insanity quite a bit.

Venom, Sony Pictures
Image: Sony Pictures

Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock, a troubled young man who forms a bond with a symbiotic alien organism that turns him into the anti-hero known as Venom. 


Venom hits theaters on October 5, 2018.

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