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The Millennium Falcon is Still an Old Ship in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

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If you thought that Han’s trusty old ship, the Millennium Falcon, would be a new ship in Lucasfilm’s Solo: A Star Wars Story you would be wrong. When we first see her in A New Hope, her tattered body and beat up exterior were signs that the ship’s been a round for quite a while. A recent interview shed light on the fact that the Millennium Falcon has been around for decades even before Han gets his hands on the freighter.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, LucasfilmWhen Solo was first announced, most believed that we would get to see the ship in its prime: bright, shiny, and new. The trailer is a bit misleading, showing the condition of the ship while it’s in Lando Calrissian’s custody. It has a distinct new paint job and a different snout than we are used to seeing.

In a new interview with Entertainment WeeklySolo co-writer Jon Kasdan says that the Millennium Falcon is a lot older than we might think:

Remember, when the Falcon enters our movie, it’s already had a long life. Decades of existence. And it’s been modified even from its original design. What we tried to do with the whole movie was take things that we take for granted and love and turn them on their ear.

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Kasdan says that Lando upgraded the ship to accommodate “a little more space to entertain.” Lando has always been the ladies man, so why would a younger version of himself be any different? The ship lives an extremely large life, despite having been a front-runner in overturning the Empire.

The first appearance of the ship in the Star Wars universe was in Revenge of the Sith, although in that film it looked the same as when Han piloted it. With a ship having so much back story, does this mean that we could get an anthology film that focuses on the life of the Millennium Falcon? The ship is a main character in the Star Wars universe, so why not?

The next time we get to see the Millennium Falcon is on May 25 in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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