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Sony Pictures Casts Tom Hardy As Venom In Spider-Man Spin-off

Sony Pictures announced that they would be releasing an R-Rated Venom movie on October 5th of next year. After all: Venom will mark the third live-action Spider-Man universe established by Sony in the past five years. However, even more surprising is who they just announced will be taking on the lead

Battle Royale: ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ vs. the ‘Captain America’ Trilogy

The Dark Knight, Captain America, Warner Brothers, Marvel Studios

When talking about superhero trilogies, the ones that stand out as 'truly great' are rare.  Iron Man’s trilogy came out full swinging, and then descended into perpetual anti-climax. Wolverine’s trilogy was an abominable mess at its start, but then surprised us all by ending on a tear-jerking high note. And