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Netflix Scores ‘Glow’, Showcasing the Underground World of Women’s Wrestling

Glow, Netflix

A scripted show about women's wrestling?  Probably the last thing one might expect being made into a TV series. Where would it fit? Who'd be brave enough to do it? It really wouldn't fit on free TV, unless the wrestlers solved crimes in their free time. As for pay cable,

‘Baywatch’ Reboot: Is This the New Standard of Hollywood Crap?


Pursuing the online movie websites, I came across an article on the reboot of the iconic cult TV series Baywatch.  The stars of the show weren't talking about the script, if there was one. Nor was co-star Alexandra Daddario complaining that the Dwayne Johnson's chest is bigger than hers (Watch True Detective

Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Defend Themselves By Stating Obvious

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney

The war between actor Johnny Depp and his former business managers TMG has spilled over into the media. TMG, aka The Management Group, have went on the offensive against the actor's claims that the company defrauded him to the tune of $25 million dollars. In January of 2016, The Pirates of the Caribbean star

Actual Music Bands to Play at Donald Trump Inauguration

Lee Greenwood

It has been confirmed there will be live music played by real bands at the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump. While just days away, Trump's handlers fret over a lack of entertainment. Due in large part to Trump's tempestuous relationship with the industry, the inaugural entertainment committee has had to scrape the

Great Film Directors: Billy Wilder

Billy Wilder

In the pantheon of film directors, Billy Wilder is peerless, or very nearly. His career spanned nearly fifty years and included a variety of films in differing genres. With the exception of horror, Billy Wilder did it all and did it pretty damned good, too. The verbal wit that laced his

President Elect Donald Trump Calls 3 Time Oscar Winner Meryl Streep Overrated

Meryl Streep

Multi time Academy award winner Meryl Streep probably will not be receiving a White House invite anytime soon. Seems the  new president-elect Donald Trump isn't much of a fan of Ms. Streep. It is doubtful Ms. Streep will lose any amount of sleep however. Streep had previously been critical of

More ‘Gilmore Girls?’ Actress Alexis Bledel Asked About Potential

Gilmore Girls Alexis Bledel

Actress Alexis Bledel quickly found out what was on everyone's mind during a presser for her new Hulu show The Handmaid's Tale. The actress, who came to prominence as Rory Gilmore in the much beloved WB show, The Gilmore Girls, was appearing on a panel at the Television Critics Association winter press

The Trailblazing Comedy of Jack Benny

There was nothing particular that made Jack Benny stand out in a crowd. Benny was the quintessential every man. He was average looking, average height and weight. He could play the violin relatively well but nowhere near the ability to earn the title of prodigy. During his time in show business, Jack