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Comic Book Pull List June 21: Here’s What I’m Getting This Week

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra TPB Vol. 1, Marvel Comics

As always, Wednesday is new comic book day and it’s never easy to pick out what comics are worth picking up. Here are some recommendations to help you out. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 written by Chip Zdarsky & and drawn by Adam Kubert Chip Zdarsky is a relatively new writer

Chris Hemsworth Teases Soul Stone Appearance and Darryl’s Possible MCU Debut

Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios

Could we see the last Infinity Stone as soon as Thor: Ragnarok? Will Darryl ever appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the two one-shots he already appears in? What do the Marvel contracts restrict the actors from ever doing? These were just a few of the answers that Chris

Comic Book Sleeper Hit of the Week: Wonder Woman #24 (Spoiler Warning)

Wonder Woman, DC Comics

Greg Rucka's run on Wonder Woman has only one issue left. It's been one for the ages and it could not have come at a better time. It was well-timed with the release of the Wonder Woman movie and any new fans that loved the film should pick up this

Comic Book Pull List: June 14: Here’s What You Want This Week

Dark Days: The Forge #1, DC Comics

Wednesday is new comic book day, and this week brings some big hitters. It’s never easy to pick out what comics are worth picking up, so here are some recommendations to help you out. Defenders #1 written by Brian Michael Bendis & and drawn by David Marquez The Netflix Defenders series is

Chris Evans States that ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Will Wrap Everything Up

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios is known for locking its actors into long contracts. This ensures that the actors portraying the characters will be available for the role for any number of future sequels. Marvel has a plan, whether it is public knowledge or not. The studio is known for orchestrating the intricacies

The First Teaser From Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is Brilliant in All of the Right Ways

Black Panther, Marvel Studios

The wait for Marvel's highly-anticipated solo film for Black Panther is here and it is  brilliant kick in the face! Last night, during game 4 of the NBA Finals, the trailer hit. It shocking fans at how different the technologically advanced world of Wakanda really looks. This is a film fifty years

Comic Book Pull List June 7: Here’s What You Need This Week

Superman, DC Comics

It’s never easy to pick out what comics are worth picking up on new comic book day. Well we're here to help you and give some ideas of what you need to buy this week. Iceman #1 written by Sina Grace & and drawn by Alessandro Vitti As one of the original

The Best Scene in ‘Wonder Woman’ Almost Got Cut From the Final Film

If the early reviews and box office numbers are any indication, Wonder Woman is set to be a hit. Critics are raving about the film, but one scene stands out above all others in the movie - Diana's walk into No Man's Land. This was a scene that almost was left

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Will Boast More CGI Characters that Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinite War and Avengers 4 are set to be the biggest films Marvel has yet to unleash on the world. Both films will encompass the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they might be bigger than you think. Not only will they include every character that you have seen