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What the Hell Happened to the Official ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Soundtrack?

Ghost in the Shell, Paramount Pictures

A film's official soundtrack rarely has any controversy. Soundtracks are a pivotal part of any film universe, that set the atmosphere, the mood, and the emotion of a scene. The songs sculpt the tension of silence, and help your mind relate to unreliable situations. As the final days tick away before

In Memoriam: Leonard Cohen, The Baffled King Who Composed ‘Hallelujah’

Leonard Cohen

"Think not of the pain I caused but the healing of my love." In the vast ocean of thought and emotion lived a form. Through the speakers stained with dust, you hear his voice. He recounts his adventures and conquests. Beautiful women, naked , full breasted goddesses. Divinities of the heavens populate

Kindie Music Stars KB Whirly’s “Camp Songs Vol. 1” & Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s Albums So Good Adults Will Love Them Too

KB Whirly

Reviewing can sometimes be a chore. You agree to listen to something you're not expecting to like so you can develop contacts amongst PR firms. However, there are times when the artist jumps out of the radio and grabs your attention. This is one of those times. KB Whirly will

Guitarist David Gilmour Returns to Pompeii to Conjure Ghosts

David Gilmour

The year is 1972, and guitarist David Gilmour and the rock band Pink Floyd have finally emerged fully from the Syd Barrett fiasco. Barrett, the one time lead singer and co-founder, dropped out of sight and mind, and the band soldiered on with Gilmour installed as the major creative force.

‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Gets Theme Song…Proves Reboot is a PC/Franchise Cash Cow?

Ghostbusters, Columbia Pictures

Author: Nick Lauer The theme song for the rebooted Ghostbusters film, which has an all-female cast that does not AT ALL imply political correctness, is the old theme song remixed with heavy metal-like harmony over the original 1984 melody. The song also uses the same lyrics as the original (Except for a

WATCH: This ‘Swiss Army Man’ Music Video is Just Odd

Swiss Army Man, Cold Iron Pictures

The internet is full of really weird videos, but not one of them will perk your interest and confuse you as much as the music video for Swiss Army Man.  It is an interesting for a number of reasons. Swiss Army Man stars the corpse of Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano, a