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3 Ways That You Can Boost Fat Loss

Zack and Miri Make a Porno, View Askew

 I'm not sure that there are numbers in the mathematical language that can count how many articles there are about fat loss on the internet.  Some of the information is legit, and some is just blowing smoke.  The worst part is, we get bogged down with so many rules we

The 5 Worst Drinks From Starbucks and 5 Healthier Options

Starbucks Coffee

Coffee has many great benefits that I rarely tell people to stay away from it.  Not only does is have nutrients that our bodies can use, but it can also aid in burning fat AND reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.  If you'd like to see more benefits of coffee,

‘Pokémon Go’ is the Work of the Devil, According to Pastor Wiles

Pokémon Go, Niantic

Pokémon Go is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon. It has taken the mobile gaming world by storm, but not everyone is ecstatic about the game. Radio show pastor Rick Wiles, believes that Pokémon Go is a scourge on the Earth that will usher in the End of Times, according to io9. I can't make this stuff

Every Movie And TV Show They Watch on the Space Station

International Space Station, NASA

Have you ever wondered what astronauts do in their free time aboard the International Space Station? You know, besides doing flips and eating liquid droplets in zero-G. Everyone needs a little down time, even when you are fulfilling a childhood dream about being in space. So what do they occupy

Project Scorpio: Microsoft Announces Most Powerful Console Ever

Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Microsoft

Microsoft has made an official announcement that a new console is planned for the holiday season of 2017. The console is officially labelled Project Scorpio, and according to Microsoft, Project Scorpio will be “the most powerful console ever.” Microsoft is setting its sites on competing with Sony's (recently announced) Playstation Neo and PC games. Playstation