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First Details from Long-Rumored ‘X-Men: Gambit’ Movie

X-Men's Gambit, Marvel Comics

The first details are starting to emerge from he long-rumored X-Men: Gambit movie. The film's spent the better part of the last decade stuck in pre-production, with many writers trying to tackle the property. The previously cast Channing Tatum is still on-board with Gambit. Are these story details the first signs of life

Tom Hanks on Reprising His Role In the ‘Splash’ Reboot

Splash, Touchstone Pictures

When Hollywood goes looking for a remake, there is no film that is too sacred or considered off-limits. This was a statement that proved true recently when word came that a Splash remake is in the works. Splash is a 1980s comedy starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard. In the film, Tom Hanks

Channing Tatum Joins ‘Kingsman’ Sequel

Channing Tatum to Appear in Kingsmen Sequel. Image:Nick Wechsler Productions Iron Horse Entertainment Extension 765

What does any sequel need? Channing Tatum, of course. He is the answer to everything. So, those of you who watched the first Kingsman film and thought, "Damn, I wish Channing Tatum was in this," well, we have good news. He is going to be in the sequel. If this were the

Channing Tatum ‘Ghostbusters’ Film Officially Dead

Ghostbusters, columbia pictures

Last year, word came that there was not only one Ghostbusters film, but two films in the works at Sony Pictures. One of them was an all-female cast reboot (led by Paul Feig), and then other was an all-male film led by Channing Tatum. The winner of this race to the