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Edgar Wright Wants to Make a Sequel to ‘Baby Driver’

Baby Driver, Big Talk Productions

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is getting amazing reviews, and is actually one of the few original films to hit theaters this summer. The director has never considered doing sequels to his films, rather he likes to look forward to the next story. As a matter of fact, he made statements saying this

Great Film Directors: Billy Wilder

Billy Wilder

In the pantheon of film directors, Billy Wilder is peerless, or very nearly. His career spanned nearly fifty years and included a variety of films in differing genres. With the exception of horror, Billy Wilder did it all and did it pretty damned good, too. The verbal wit that laced his

25 Most Important People in Horror Film: John Carpenter

This is a who's who list of the twenty-five most important names in the history of horror. To rate them in order of importance I could not do. Well, one could but it would take an eternity. At first, I meant to include writers (such as Stephan King, Bram Stoker

PopcornSushi’s Director of the Week: John Ford

John Ford

John Ford  PopcornSushi's Director of the Week Whereas Alfred Hitchcock never won a Best Director Oscar for any of his films, John Ford holds the record with four wins. Wrongly stigmatized as a director of just Westerns, Ford's best director wins didn't include a single western( The Informer, How Green Was My Valley,

Why There Are No Flaws in Any Woody Allen Film

Photo -Orion Pictures

Are Woody Allen's films flawless? No, but then they aren't supposed to be. This is why his films are so divisive. Allen is famous for his one film a year approach to filmmaking. If you're looking to find out what is in Allen's mind or sphere at the moment, look