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Streaming: Everything Leaving Netflix in August 2017


Netflix looks to be cutting us a break during August 2017. There aren't many titles departing the streaming service, and a ton of great titles are coming. It will be sad to see some of these titles go. Leaving this month is Justice League Unlimited, seasons 1–2, Justice League, seasons 1–2, 10 Things

Edgar Wright Wants to Make a Sequel to ‘Baby Driver’

Baby Driver, Big Talk Productions

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is getting amazing reviews, and is actually one of the few original films to hit theaters this summer. The director has never considered doing sequels to his films, rather he likes to look forward to the next story. As a matter of fact, he made statements saying this

Shawn Levy: Could We Ever See a ‘Real Steel 2’?

Real Steel, Dreamworks SKG

While director Shawn Levy was out doing press for the upcoming Stranger Things Season 2 for Netflix he dropped a bit about a rumored Real Steel sequel. The original film was a great movie and was successful overseas, but it didn't do very well at the domestic box office. Starring Evangeline Lilly and Hugh

Why There Are No Flaws in Any Woody Allen Film

Photo -Orion Pictures

Are Woody Allen's films flawless? No, but then they aren't supposed to be. This is why his films are so divisive. Allen is famous for his one film a year approach to filmmaking. If you're looking to find out what is in Allen's mind or sphere at the moment, look

AMC Theaters Back Away From Text-Friendly Screenings Plan

AMC Theaters, Getty Images

Last week at CinemaCon, AMC Theaters proposed the idea that they would make their theaters text friendly during certain screening, but after incredible backlash, the chain has backed down from that idea. The plan was to allow a few theaters to test out the idea to let moviegoers text during