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‘Indiana Jones’ May Soon be Getting Rebooted?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lucasfilm

A theory has swirled around the internet for a while: Will Indiana Jones get rebooted? With Harrison Ford unable to defeat age, there are concerns that at 73, he is quickly becoming too old to be in the role. There is a new Indy film on the way that will be a sequel, not a prequel.

Han Solo Shot First, According to Greedo

Star Wars A New Hope, Lucasfilm

One of the hottest debates among Star Wars fans is whether Han Solo shot first in the Cantina on Tatooine. This is a debate that waged for decades before George Lucas tried to solve the riddle himself  when he rereleased the original trilogy in theaters in the 1990s. It was George's

‘Blade Runner 2’ Gets an Unexpected Release Date

Blade Runner, Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment have announced a release date for the upcoming sequel to the sci-fi cult classic, Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2 will hit theaters on January 12, 2018. The film will see the return of Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, and will be accompanied by Ryan Gosling. According to Variety, , Blade