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Christopher Nolan Confirms He Will Not Direct ‘Bond 25’

Spectre, MGM Studios

James Bond films are big business, even after the lackluster Spectre left us unfulfilled. Does this mean that Bond needs a big shake-up? Recent rumors hinted at a possibility that Christopher Nolan could direct Bond 25. The possibilities in everyone's minds began running wild. Sadly enough, Nolan confirms that he will not

How Desperate Are Bond Producers to Keep Daniel Craig? Very!

Speculation about Daniel Craig's future as  the iconic 007 have been in overdrive the past couple of years. Every story paints a bleak portrait of Craig staying on. Like many of the actors that inhabited the role before him, the Bond m0vies are both time-consuming and take a physical toll

Is Daniel Craig Giving Up on ‘James Bond 007’?

'Casino Royale', Columbia Pictures

It is a phrase that has been spoken for months, but if the rumors are true, Daniel Craig may finally be done playing James Bond. The funny thing is that Craig has been extremely vocal about, and now (if the first reports can be believed) he may finally be hanging up his Walther