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The 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Cream


Fifty years ago this month, the word heavy became tangible. It achieved purpose and meaning, became a living, breathing creature. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton joined together to form one of the greatest bands ever, Cream. All apologies to Page and Plant but they couldn't hold a candle

Bob Dylan: Song and Dance Man

The Comedy Stylings of Bob Dylan

He exists. Bob Dylan walks this world enshrouded in myth. He is the myth maker, the song and dance man. He is on the TV singing a Frank Sinatra song and doing it very badly. Yet, it digs into your soul. It digs into my soul, until you say, "Wow,

YouTube is the Devil and Metallica is the Bastion of Good?

Metallica by Kreepin Deth

If this were Superman, Metallica would be Clark Kent, as portrayed by a young Tom Welling, and YouTube would be Zack Synder or, if this were Republican primaries they all would be YouTube and we'd have to scrap the premise entirely. Recently on BBC Radio 4, Metallica's manager, Peter Mensch, complained, with good