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Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ Going Forward After 2020

Star Wars Rogue One, Disney/ Lucasfilm

Last week at the Goldman Sachs convention, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger talked about the future of the Star Wars universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond what is already known to the public. His focus was geared more towards Star Wars, and he has a few surprises. According to Iger, the Star Wars schedule is

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Poster Takes Us to the Beach

Star Wars: Rogue One, Disney

A ton of Rogue One information dropped at the Star Wars Celebration that took place this past weekend. Among the fray of information that was dropped is the first official poster for the upcoming film, Star Wars: Rogue One. The poster shows our heroes facing off against the might of the Empire on

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ is Getting Fantastic New Ships

Star Wars Rogue, io9, Disney

This past weekend was Star Wars Celebration in Europe, and there was a ton of new information that released about upcoming Star Wars projects. Lucasfilm told us that Rogue One would feature new ships, but this weekend we finally got to see a few of the designs and models. These ships are great,

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Rumors: Tom Hardy

Mad Max Fury Road, Warner Bros. Pictures

Star Wars The Force Awakens was known for its celebrity cameos, but according to one source, Star Wars Episode VIII will be doing the same. The first name to pop up with a cameo, none other than Max Rockatansky himself, Tom Hardy (Mad Max Fury Road). There is no secret that in Star Wars The Force