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‘Baywatch’ Super Bowl TV Spot Trailer

Baywatch, Cold Spring Pictures

In the wake of a very revealing image, and one hell of a swanky video tease, Paramount Pictures hits us with the first official trailer for the upcoming film starring Zack Effron and The Rock, Baywatch. It adapts the popular 1990s television series Baywatch, starring David Hasselhoff. The trailer shows us that the film

‘Jumanji’ Image Controversy Cleared Up By Gillan and The Rock

Jumanji, Sony Pictures

The first image from the Jumanji sequel has been released, and the outfits have a few people scratching their heads. A small group of people are crying foul at Karen Gillan's very small outfit. At first glance, the outfit would lend some to think that Hollywood [once again] is over sexualizing her

A ‘San Andreas’ Sequel Has Been Given the Green Light

San Andreas, New Line Cinema

A sequel to 2015's San Andreas, the disaster movie starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been ordered by New Line Cinema. The film looks to stay true to its roots, focusing on the Ring of Fire, a span of volcanoes and fault lines that circle the Pacific Ocean, stating that the