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Joe Carnahan Talks ‘Uncharted’ Live-Action Movie Direction

Uncharted, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Penning the script for the live-action adaptation of the award-winning Playstation game series Uncharted Joe Carnahan (The Grey). There was hopes that he would also direct that film, but due to his commitment to Bad Boys for Life, it isn't going to happen. Helming the Uncharted film will be Shawn Levy. According to Carnahan, he and

Assassin’s Creed Will Not Make Any Profit?!

Assassin's Creed, 20th Century Fox

Although video game films have not typically done very well at the box office, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, starring Michael Fassbender, looks to break that stigma. The film shows a lot of promise, and looks to stay really true to the game's storyline. Which is something that game fans are hoping for. Over the

‘Tetris’ Movie is Now Going to Be a Trilogy, Why?

Tetris Movie

Just when you thought that the world of spinoffs couldn't get any crazier, we are about to get a Tetris movie. Don't everybody shout for joy at once. Tetris is an extremely popular game, but why are we getting a movie?! It has no characters, no story, no villain, and no conflict beyond