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Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ Going Forward After 2020

Star Wars Rogue One, Disney/ Lucasfilm

Last week at the Goldman Sachs convention, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger talked about the future of the Star Wars universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond what is already known to the public. His focus was geared more towards Star Wars, and he has a few surprises. According to Iger, the Star Wars schedule is

‘Indiana Jones’ May Soon be Getting Rebooted?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lucasfilm

A theory has swirled around the internet for a while: Will Indiana Jones get rebooted? With Harrison Ford unable to defeat age, there are concerns that at 73, he is quickly becoming too old to be in the role. There is a new Indy film on the way that will be a sequel, not a prequel.